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Lingerie Straight Arm For Concealed Aluminum and Steel Stripping

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  • Product Code: KML148
  • Brand: Straight Arm , Faceout front
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Price : 4,30 $

Painted ( Back / White ) - 4.3 $
Chrome - 4.45 $

Lingerie Straight Arm For Concealed Aluminum and Steel Stripping


  • Length: 300mm

  • Chrome finish

  • Square tube

  • for 50mm pitch (25mm empty+ 25mm full)


İf you want different pitch size or Lenght , we can make for your projects




The most economical and fastest way to add showroom/selling floor inventory is by installing a wall-mounted stripping display system in istanbul Turkey . The backbone of these systems is the surface mounted slotted metal strips or standards. The wall strips are sold singly and are mounted vertically to stud walls to support brackets, shelf brackets, hanging bars, hanging arms, shoes holders, hat holders, hangrails, cross bars, arms, shelving and hooks. Shopfittings Store offers a wide range of surface mounted slotted strips sizes from 2m to 2.8m long. Purchase as many as needed of the same size or mix the sizes up to create a focal wall to spark shopper interest and spur add-on sales.

Lingerie Straight Arm For Concealed Aluminum and Steel Stripping Product Features 

Surface:  chrome, epoxy (white/black)

Material : Steel,

Measurement : 80 x 300mm  Ø12mm ,  (only for 50mm pitch (25mm empty+ 25mm full)  


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