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Shoe Shelf Arm

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  • Product Code: KML149
  • Brand: Shoes Wall Shelf Systems
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Price : 3,30 $

Painted ( Back / White ) - 3.6 $
Chrome - 3.9 $

Shoe Shelf Arm Systems Aluminum Slot Profiles Wooden Wall Panel Systems Used in Flat Shoe Holder Products ..

Metal is made from material .. Shoe decoration is made on a decorative ..

Shoe Shelf Arm Display Shelfs 25mm Pitches can useable Single Slot Wall Rail and Double Slot Wall Rail Shoe Shelf Arm Black is painted as standard. In special colors order,


please add Ral Code in the description section of the order section or chrome surfaces

Shoe Shelf Arm 25mm Pitches Product Features

Surface:  Chrome, epoxy (white/black)

Material : Steel,,

Measurement : 100mm x 204mm (Shoes Holder Surface Size 74mm x 204mm )


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