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Socks Gondola Stand

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  • Brand: Underwear Display Stand
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Price : 252,40 $

Socks Gondola Stand Product .. Socks gondola stand is formed on a wooden base with the fixing of a metal perforated frame ...

The connection sections are installed on the stand metal struts and the hanger hooks and socks and underwear are hanged on the hangers.


Products with stand

wood bottom plinth --- 1 piece (wood bottom base is made as white or oak mdflam ...)

metal top frame --- 1pc

Interconnection profile --- 6 pcs

hanger hook 25cm ---- 72pcs



In total, this stand is a very useful stand with over 1200 socks.

It is also preferred by those who want to show more small pieces in the underwear and socks stores and to display more products.

Stockings Gondola Stand Features

Surface: Electrostatic powder coating (white)

Material: Steel, Wood Mdflam

Measurement:  500x1350mm h: 1300mm



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