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Store Jewelry Accessories Hanger Stand

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Jewelry Accessories Hanger Stand products ..

Store Jewelery Accessories Hanger Stand Wooden parts are white mdflam and other parts are made of aluminum paneling profile.

Jewelry Accessories Hanger Stand products can be used as crown, belt, necklace, earring, bracelet, bracelet stand ..

Jewelry Accessories Hanger Stand can be made with both glass shelf system and hanger system, increasing the demand of these stands.

Jewelry Stand is a wheeled stand that can be easily pulled from one place to another within the store.



  Stand Package Jewelry Accessory stand middle Panel - 1pc Jewelry Accessory side Panels - 2 pcs Jewelry Accessory wooden Plinth ---

1pc Jewelry Accessories Hanger Hook - 15cm ---- 48 pcs




Height: 120cm

  Width: 120cm

  Depth: 60cm

Jewelry Accessories Stands are made of horizontal aluminum paneling profiles, and wooden mdflam material.    

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