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Lingerie and Socks Garment Rack MZ235

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  • Product Code: MZ235
  • Brand: Underwear Display Stand
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Price : 70,00 $

Underwear and Socks Middle Stands Used Metal Stands are double sided stands ...

Products about hanging hooks are on display ...

Underwear and Socks Stands, lingerie products are displayed decorative in your store ...

underwear, athletes, pants, swimwear, socks, underwear products are exhibited stalls are stands ...

According to the student, the product can be increased with extra arms.

Underwear and Socks Stands Wooden bottom base - white color ---------------- 1 unit

Top metal hanger stand --- white painted ---- 1 pcs

Hanger hook --------- white painted ------------- 10 pieces

There is ... According to the apprentice, we purchase the online order through our website of the extra star arm demand and system label ...

Lingerie and Socks Garment Rack Product Features 

Surface:  Epoxy (white/black)

Material : Steel,,

Measurement : 350 x 350 H:1400mm 


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